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Buy Trade Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Direct

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Trade Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

We specialize in a wide variety of aluminum bi-fold doors, catering to consumers who are based in Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield and the surrounding areas. Our high-quality products are the result of latest technology coupled with knowledge as well as experience.

1. Product Range
Our premium aluminium profile bi-fold doors are available in plenty of options, offering you more choice when looking for folding doors that are suitable for your project. For instance,we have a range of fold configurations ( from right to left and vice versa) as well as slim line frameworks with either rounded or square edges.

2. Security Features
All our bi-fold doors feature a secure locking mechanism with a domestic style lift-up handle our hardware is also secured by design approved, ensuring ease of access. These doors offer the highest security level which is necessary to protect your property, thanks to the secure locking mechanism, coupled with the natural toughness of the aluminium profile and door design.

3. Thermal Efficiency
All our bi-fold doors are highly energy efficient with low U-value. This ensures they not only meet the local Building Regulations but also reduce energy expenses for our customers. (U-value is a measure of how well a part of a building, for instance a door, window or roof, prevents heat from escaping).

4. Colours and Finishes
We have an extensive range of aluminium bi-folding doors with a variety of over 150 RAL powder coated colour finishes, including wood-grain effects. With excellent guarantees, there is no doubt about the quality of our finishes. This guarantee covers the coated aluminium against;

-Filiform corrosion.

-Peeling, powdering as well as blistering.

-Corrosion resulting from anything except bending or folding after paint has been applied.

-Chalking, fading as well as loss of sheen out of the qualicoat regulation.

5. Quick Turnaround
We will deliver your aluminium bi-folding doors in a timely manner, no matter how urgent you need them. We will make sure there are no delays to your project as a result of late delivery.

6. Accessibility
For many buyers, accessibility is a major consideration when it comes to selecting an aluminum bi-fold door. That’s why we provide a variety of low thresholds which allow easy access for individuals with mobility challenges.


Our products ensure an easy and hassle-free installation experience, since they are tailored to your precise specifications. What’s more,they offer high level of security, efficiency and excellent accessibility.Buy our aluminium bi-fold doors direct and save today

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