Safety Tips For for double glazing installations

  Safety Tips for Double Glazing Installations Keeping safe at work takes hard work and following safety rules and regulations! The safety specs are there for a reason and it for your safety to follow them. They not only keep you safe, but they keep those working with you safe,

CE Marking Windows and Doors

CE Marking Windows and Doors Glass Tec customers can now secure the benefits of using products that are in compliance with the European Commission’s new directive that is an essential requirement relevant to European health and safety regulations. This is CE Marking Windows and Doors. The Fenestration industry is now

Buy UPVC Windows from a professional installer

If you want to save on energy costs, replacing your old, drafty windows with a high performance UPVC windows will bring you immediate savings on heating bills. If you’ve been the victim of having your windows replaced by a non-professional window installer, you not only void your warranty, but you’ll

Omniral coloured UPVC frames

Glass Tec Windows has just launched their latest coloured windows products, Omniral coloured upvc frames is set to lead the industry with its latest colour coating technology. It is the first coloured frame that is coloured 360 all way round so it looks great open as it does closed. Now

Triple Glazing Making Your Home Quieter?

When you use triple glazing it’s like you’ve lost your super hearing. And that’s a good thing! One of the few things you can’t do is get away from the city noise, unless you move to the country. The noise a city can generate can make living hard with the

Tricke Vents and your Home

trickle vents by Glass Tec Windows Bradford Trickle Vents and your Home Air tight houses have become a problem for some people’s health. The recycled air holds bacteria, viruses, and other household dust and germs that stay in the house. Using a ventilation system to move the air

Triple and double glazing installers in Bradford

Great savings on Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Replacement Windows and doors from Glass Tec Windows in Bradford. Glass Tec Windows is a leader when it comes to Replacement Triple and double glazing installers in Bradford .Having so much experience in the field, we have been installing an excellent range

How to buy the Best Aluminium Shop fronts in Bradford

The world became a better place when aluminium was invented in 1825. Since then, most shops, homeowners, and building owners did not have to worry about their building or home rusting away. Aluminium is strong, stylish, and is sometimes the best solution for today’s construction of buildings. It lasts a

UPVC Locks in Bradford

We have been getting many enquires for replacement existing UPVC locks in Bradford especially when the existing locks are damaged via vandalism or theft. Unfortunately we don't offer this service but we found someone that does. We are pleased that Pro Plus Trade Counter now hold in Stock UPVC Locks