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Benefits of Double Glazing Windows in Halifax

We witness below freezing temperatures during winters and warm/humid in summers. However, at times, even that isn’t enough to save from the excruciating winter cold and unbearable summer heat. Fortunately, there is a remedy for all of this and that remedy is double glazing windows. Following are some of the

What To Check When Looking for double glazing online quote

When you’re looking around for upvc windows and doors, you’ll need to know the right company to hire to install them. There are many factors to take into consideration before hiring a company. The first step is to research double glazing installers. Using whatever means you have, whether it is

Buy UPVC Windows from a professional installer

If you want to save on energy costs, replacing your old, drafty windows with a high performance UPVC windows will bring you immediate savings on heating bills. If you’ve been the victim of having your windows replaced by a non-professional window installer, you not only void your warranty, but you’ll

Tricke Vents and your Home

trickle vents by Glass Tec Windows Bradford Trickle Vents and your Home Air tight houses have become a problem for some people’s health. The recycled air holds bacteria, viruses, and other household dust and germs that stay in the house. Using a ventilation system to move the air

Triple and double glazing installers in Bradford

Great savings on Double Glazing and Triple Glazing Replacement Windows and doors from Glass Tec Windows in Bradford. Glass Tec Windows is a leader when it comes to Replacement Triple and double glazing installers in Bradford .Having so much experience in the field, we have been installing an excellent range

Advantages of Double Glazing Windows

If you are wondering what double glazing windows mean, they are basically windows that comprise of two glass layers with an inert gas layer sealed in between. Once the double glazed windows are sealed, they become airtight and provide around double the insulation from single glazed windows. Other than increased

feeling a little carbon logged? need to lose a few carbon tonnes?

Britons are amongst the most energy wasteful people in Europe according to a recent survey by the EST. 71% of us regularly leave appliances on standby unnecessarily while 67% boil more water than needed in the kettle. In total, the energy we waste as a nation each year is now

Our Energy Saving Windows go further with TCI

Our technical team is always looking ways to save energy, with our new two TCI (thermal chamber insulation) one of its many benefits is that enhances the thermal performance of our double glazing window products. The TCI profiles have been tested to achieve BSS7412 and BS7950 for enhanced security for

How Bradford homes benefiting from energy saving windows?

Energy saving windows Bradford Bradford homes are benefiting from our A rated energy saving windows, first we must understand what an energy saving window is. We need to fully examine the benefits of replacement energy saving windows Bradford and how these energy saving windows help home owners/ What is energy