10mm toughened glass cut to size

Are you looking for toughened safety Glass? Then you are in the right place. At Glass Tec Windows we specialise in 10mm toughened glass cut to size, with our great quality and competitive prices not to mention a fast turnaround. Our Product range doesn’t stop there we also offer a

Facts and Features of Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing windows have become increasingly common in modern homes, especially in the cold parts of the world. These windows are made from two panes of glass which are separated by an inert gas or a thin layer of air. They comprise of a drying agent that blocks any moisture

Acoustic Windows

Acoustic windows or Glass does more for your home or business than keep out noise. It also enhances the sound quality of the interior of the room. You can have all kinds of problems with too much external noise in your home.  It can cause disrupted sleep, increase your stress

Pilkington Energikare Installers in Bradford West Yorkshire

Energy-efficient glazing for homes Glass Tec Windows are Installers of Pilkington Energikare Glass covering Bradford, and Yorkshire You don‘t have to replace the whole window frame to replace windows in your home. You can just replace the glass or double glazed unit for a cleaner and more beautiful window and

Pilkington Energikare Energy Saving Glass

Energy efficient double glazing from Pilkington and Glass Tec Windows in Bradford is an approved installer. When installed in new or existing double glazing window frames it helps to achieve the requirements of the latest Government Building Regulations using the Window Energy Rating scheme. This scheme uses labels similar to