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Triple Glazing Making Your Home Quieter?

When you use triple glazing it’s like you’ve lost your super hearing. And that’s a good thing! One of the few things you can’t do is get away from the city noise, unless you move to the country. The noise a city can generate can make living hard with the

Are Triple Glazing Windows Worth It?

Unlike double glazed windows where there are two panes of glasses, triple glazing windows have three. An additional pane increases efficiency, security and reduces noise. We know that double glazed windows are an improvement over single pane windows. So is it worth it to consider triple glazing windows instead of

Getting The Best Insulation Using Triple Glazing Windows

Widely used in Scandinavian countries, triple glazing proved to be a very popular way of insulating yourself against adverse weather conditions. Up until recently, the triple glazing windows only captured a small portion of the market within the UK compared to double glazing windows. Glass Tec Windows recently converted an

0.9 U- Value triple glazing windows

Triple Glazing 0.9 U-Value As a leader in energy efficiency our technical team have researched and developed triple glazing with Deceuninck 5000 Zendow which achieves a U-Value of 0.9. The U-Value consists of 40mm triple glazed glass unit. The window is weather tested and our profile carries British Standard accreditation. This