Edwardian Conservatories

The Georgian conservatories are a modern interpretation of the British architectural history and are often distinguished by the rectangular or square footprint. These conservatories are rather space-efficient, which means you get the most floor area possible. These conservatories also come in an array of styles thanks to their widespread design use and impressive nature.

Victorian Conservatories

During the middle of the Victorian period, conservatories were often attached to the back of a home. Due to the combination of several things such as iron works availability, cost reduction of gland and new heating techniques, adding a conservatory to modest Victorian homes was quite possible to do. Besides being able to complement any property type, they can be adapted to fit the space that’s available .It doesn’t matter how large or small the area is, Victorian conservatories have the ability to fit due to their three to five-surface bay.

Lean To Conservatories

The Lean To Range conservatory has a very simple design but can look unique when all available space is made the most of. It’s got a distinctive-pitched roof and rectangular shape that’s ideal for any kind of home. This kind of conservatory has many different options that one can personalize under any circumstance and situation – See more at

Bespoke Conservatories

Do you want a unique conservatory design. a style that’s not like any others mentioned so far? Modern-day conservatories can be made to match any person’s requirements and tastes. It does not matter how simple or complex the design. Customized conservatories are very popular these days. When the project is complete, it can appear as if it was a part of the home’s original building design.