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FD30 Composite Fire Doors

In line with the commitment of Glass Tec Window towards providing innovative products to our clients, we proudly introduce to you our newest offering – FD30 Composite Fire Doors.

Our composite fire doors have the following specifications:

  • Certified 30 Minutes Fire Door Rating
  • EcoFrame Design to Fit 44mm Slabs
  • Outer Frame Skinned with Aluminium
  • Fire-Resistant Glass, Letter Plates, and Door Viewers
  • Options for Fanlight and Clear or Stippolyte Glass

Compared to standard composite doors, our FD30 composite doors are better in ways more than one. With an FD30 accreditation, it simply means that it has been checked and tested for 30 minutes, proving its ability to demonstrate being durable. It is a legal requirement that should be satisfied by doors used in the entrance to apartments, communal doors, and doors between the garage and the house.

In order to make sure that the doors will be able to survive extreme heat, only the most premium materials were used. We offer four different styles of FD30 composite doors. While the options may seem to be limited, we are proud to say that we are offering colours that you cannot find from any other supplier. We have cream, anthracite grey, and onyx black, among others.

In other companies, when you order composite fire doors, you will normally have to wait for a month before it can be delivered. If you order from us, we guarantee that the door will be delivered in just 2 weeks.