Glass Tec: Glass Made Tough

At Glass Tec, we are proud to say that we have high-quality products that can be useful for a variety of applications as a Toughened glass supplier. One of the perfect examples of such is our toughened glass. As the name implies, this is not just any other kind of glass, this is a glass that is made to be tougher. In fact, it is five times stronger compared to a traditional glass. As part of our commitment towards ensuring quality, our toughened glass has been subjected to safety, heat, and strength tests. Unsurprisingly, our toughened glass withstood these tests with flying colours – a testament to being the best option you can ever have.

In order to come up with this product, we have utilised advanced manufacturing processes and techniques. Through heating and cooling treatments, as well as high compressive stresses, we were able to produce a glass that is going to be unrivalled in terms of strength. It is a favourite amongst builders and architects because of its unsurpassed quality.


  • Strength is 5 times better compared to traditional glass.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 6206: 1981 Class A, as well as European Standard BS EN 12600. It has also been awarded certifications and accolades for passing other quality standards from all over the world.
  • Diverse applications because of its exceptional strength
  • When the glass is broken, Glass Tec’s toughened glass breaks into blunt-edged pieces to avoid any form of injury
  • Even with solar radiation, as long as they are used in its toughened form, the glass will not suffer from thermal stress.
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