At Glass Tec, we can help homeowners to build classical-looking orangeries that reflect innovative engineering and one-of-a-kind design. Orangeries are not to be confused with a conservatory, although the two are indeed similar in many ways. One of the biggest differences is that orangeries make use of modern technology, making it ideal for contemporary houses. Compared to conservatories, you can also see more brickwork and they will allow you to build a spot lighting, rather than just a wall lighting. Similar to conservatories, they still have roof made from glass and huge windows, allowing it to provide comfort and ample amount of lighting.

The traditional reason why many people decide to add an orangery in their house is to have a space that will not only provide them with privacy, but also a luxurious ambiance. With this, Glass Tec is committed towards creating orangeries that adhere to specific client requirements, making sure that you will have one that is unique from all others. While the traditional elements are retained, Glass Tec will help you to give it a modern twist.

Why Glass Tec

If you are looking for the best orangeries, you will be confronted with tons of possible choices. Nonetheless, Glass Tec is going to be your best pick because of the following reasons:

  • Diverse Design Selection: Glass Tec offers a wide array of choices for the differing tastes of many homeowners. Whether you are looking for arched Georgian or glass-style, among others, the company can provide what you prefer.
  • Customised to your Needs: Another thing that makes Glass Tec an exceptional choice is their ability to provide tailor-fitted solutions based on your needs and expectations. They have design experts who can build orangeries based on the exact outcomes you have in mind.
  • Designs made Durable: Glass Tec offers bespoke orangeries that are known to withstand the test of time. With materials like uPVC, timber, and aluminium, you can expect this feature of your house to withstand many years.