Our porches are made to measure which provides a unique and secure entance to your home. We offer may roof designs, various brickwork and wall options, and a wide range of double glazed doors and windows.

Porch doors and windows can be designed to include all the security features that modern doors and windows have. Some of the safety features that porch doors and windows have include multi-point locking systems; anti-bump/snap door cylinders; 2 star security door handle; and high-security hinges. With the security features, the porch becomes an area where you can safely store your possessions and give you peace of mind that your pictures, decorations and ornaments are secured.

Through the porches, homeowners are able to create an entryway into the home that they have always wished for. Our designer’s will visit the you to look at the existing structure and provide expert advice on how to come up with a bespoke porch design.

The designer will also show the various colours, decorative effects, glass options, and styles for the porch. This allows the homeowner to make a smart decision on what type of porches that will be constructed. Once all the details have been considered, and the area has been measured, the designer can provide an accurate estimate on how much your porch will cost.