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Glass Tec Windows Solid Warm Roof makes a Perfect Investment for Your Home

Since October of 2010, it has become legal in the United Kingdom for a conservatory to install a solid tiled roof without having permission plan. Our solid roof has received approval from the Local Authority of Building Control (LABC). In contrast to traditional conservatories in which glass roofing or polycarbonate are used, our solid roof allows homeowners to take advantage of their conservatory all throughout the year. The Glass Tec Solid Roof has the power to transform your living space while increasing the value of your property.

Due to its amazing thermal qualities, this insulated roof allows your conservatory to remain warm and cosy, especially during the extreme weather condition in winter months and at the same time stay comfortable and cool during the warmth of the summer time. However, it is not just about adding value and comfort. Externally speaking, the solid roof is more pleasant, visually speaking, and also superior as compared to its rival, in as far as the cappings and tiles are unobtrusive and streamlined. It does not rely on the bulky frames for portal, brick columns or concrete. It is also very strong and light weight.

In the inside, the solid roof also provides traditional or contemporary finishes. Select from a timber or plastered/PVC-u cladding for a finish. You may also add certain finishing touches along with roof windows or concealed lighting. The choices are actually endless, providing the scope that you need to produce your own unique and beautiful look for your home.

Replacement for Conservatory Roof

It is extremely understandable that a lot of people are looking to changing their conservatory roof with this new solid roof system, because of its numerous advantages.

Have the assurance that if you are searching for a high-quality replacement for your glass conservatory roof or polycarbonate, the solid roof system is both evidently practical and technically brilliant.

Your current conservatory roof may be smoothly and quickly transformed into a high class solid tiled conservatory roof minus the need to alter your current structure, fittings, fixtures such as windows and door frames.

Primary Benefits

Improved Overall Appearance – the style and finish range that is available with solid roof provides flexibility over your conservatory appearance, as well as the opportunity to enhance greatly the appearance of this home extension.

Enhanced Insulation – due to the high-quality thermal efficiency as well as the U-value at 0.18, you will observe a significant reduction in the energy costs. This will allow the room to be used well, keeping it cool and nice in summer while cosy and warm in winter.