Are Triple Glazing Windows Worth It?

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Are Triple Glazing Windows Worth It?


Unlike double glazed windows where there are two panes of glasses, triple glazing windows have three. An additional pane increases efficiency, security and reduces noise. We know that double glazed windows are an improvement over single pane windows. So is it worth it to consider triple glazing windows instead of double glazed ones? Let’s find out.

Double Glazed Windows
The energy efficiency of windows is determined by a ‘u value’. In simple words, the lower the u value is, the more energy efficient the windows are. Single glazed windows are scaled at 5, while older double glazed windows are scaled at around 3. However, modern double glazed windows can have u value of 1.6, which is basically down to the improvement in window cavity, the use of argon gas and thermal warm edge spacer bars, using low emissive coatings (Low E) Modern methods have brought down the average u value of windows over the years. But does that make triple glazed windows better than double glazed ones?

Cost of Triple Glazed Windows
Triple glazing windows have pretty much become the standard in most parts of Europe including Scandinavia. Modern triple glazed windows have a u value of about 0.8, which is a significant improvement over modern double glazed counterparts. Many new homes are being built with triple glazed windows. Triple Glazing is 60% more energy efficient that C rated Windows and 40% more energy efficient than A rated windows. The price of triple glazed windows is higher than double glazing.

Triple Glazed or Double Glazed?
Triple glazing performs better in U-Value, is more secure because of its three panes of glass and has good acoustic value if you live in a noisy area. If you don’t want to benefit from any of the point’s double glazing is the next best choice.

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