Triple Glazing Making Your Home Quieter?

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Triple Glazing Making Your Home Quieter?


When you use triple glazing it’s like you’ve lost your super hearing. And that’s a good thing!

One of the few things you can’t do is get away from the city noise, unless you move to the country. The noise a city can generate can make living hard with the excess noise that comes in through the windows. Most likely you can’t even relax when you get home at night.

If you have a single glazed window, sound vibrations come through disrupting your peace and quiet. Even your walls and ceilings won’t block all the sound. If you have Triple Glazing with three panes of glass, it forms a barrier to any sound entering your home.

You could, of course, use double or triple glazing to reduce sound, which is what most people do to stop the sounds of the city coming into their homes. They know when they are awaken throughout the night it’s time to make some changes to reduce noise.

Triple glazing also makes your home warmer and more energy efficient. Did you know you can lose 27% more heat with older windows? Triple glazing not only makes you home energy efficient, but it saves on the power bill, as well.

Now is the time for Glass Tec Windows replace those old windows and make your home warmer as well as sound proof. When you want to sit back and relax without the sounds of traffic, fire engines, police cars, and other neighborhood sounds, it’s time to install triple glazing. Think of the money you can save as well as a good night’s sleep without being awakened by city noise.

Visit our showroom and see all the house we’ve save from the noise of the city.

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