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Coloured Windows

White was the only colour available for UPVC windows at one time. today, you can fully customise your windows as they are now available in different colours and finishes. It doesn’t matter whether you would like to make your windows completely match your property’s style or to create a certain impression, we provide you with a variety of colour options which can be a cost-effective solution to customise your UPVC coloured windows. With Glass Tec’s experience and expertise, you can easily customise your windows by selecting from the various different colours and three special techniques of finishing: foil coating, foiling with a wood grain texture and PVC colouring at granular level.

Since Glass Tec offers you with various choices of UPVC coloured windows, you can easily personalise the appearance of your doors, roofline, windows, window boards, and also internal and external cladding. Profiles may be finished according to the customer’s preference. We use several techniques to apply the various colours to the profiles.

It is a patented process of a long-lasting colour coating for PVC-U profiles used to fabricate coloured building products like windows, fascias, doors, and many others. With the process, the colours can have an excellent resistance to chemical abrasion and scratching. It is also able to prevent permanent adhesion of cement veils and graffiti, yet retains the PVC-U profile’s natural suppleness as well as flexibility. The tough finish can be achieved because the coated profiles are dried in a 50° Celsius oven for about 8 hours. A main advantage of Decoroc® is this: the process is applied to the profiles before delivery to the door and window manufacturer. After that, the manufacturer can create windows colour products from the beginning, instead of sending the finished one away to apply the colour coating. This way, the risk of affecting the product’s final quality through over-handling and attributing damage liability can be minimised. Glass Tec is providing a wide variety of Decoroc® colours with a risk-free, 10-year guarantee on coloured windows.

Deuctone® and Omniral coloured UPVC Windows
This process colours are not just a range of amazing colours, but also represent an industrial process, technology, as well as an expertise assuring a first-class finish and unbeatable durability. Every colour has undergone several quality tests and been awarded the required technical approvals so that you can count on its performance. We have paid special attention to Ultra Violet resistance, meaning that the colours would be as bright as when they were applied for the first time, even several years after. Ominral colour window system is a full 360 finish.

The profiles may be clad in an Ultra Violet resistant acrylic film as well. This range lets you have a natural wooden appearance to your doors and windows without having to paint it over and over again it each year.