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With many years of experience in the window film sector, we are the leading supplier of solar control fills, security or safety films and also window graphics in the UK. Our comprehensive range of products contain window treatments for reducing uncomfortable glare and heat, hold glass firmly together during an accident and also films designed for privacy applications or decorative graphics. Contact us today about getting a quotation for your property.

What is the significance of installing window films?
Regardless of the design of a building, windows are an important feature that must be included in the design. However, there are some limitations of using glass, including energy loss, temperature extremes, fading of furniture, safety issues, glare and privacy. Installing window films is the most convenient and affordable way of combating these problems, while simultaneously enhancing the merits of using glass.

Different types of window films

Solar films – These are usually energy efficient and UV rays reflective window films designed for reducing fading of furniture, heat and glare.

Security and safety films – These window films are designed for preventing injury and damage through locking in the glass during impact.

Privacy films – Frosted or patterned window films are usually installed for creating a private environment without necessarily affecting the stylish design.

Graphic films – These window films are attractive designs and can be customised to showcase your brand.

Manifestation films – These are used for breaking up large glazing spaces and enhancing the design of the space

Solar control window films

These are specially designed films aimed at combating various problems linked to too much sun, such as:

Temperature control – The interior space in a building with windows can either be too cool or too hot. Installing window films helps in overcoming these temperature extremes and maintaining a more pleasant environment.

Reduce glare – Too much light can actually cause a major problem, particularly for screen users. Window films helps to guard against eye strain, tiredness and low productivity, effectively removing the need of closing blinds or curtains.

Enhance energy efficiency – With properly installed window films, you do not need to spend lots of money on air conditioning and heating systems. This offers considerable cost savings as well as reducing your personal carbon footprint.

Conservatory shading – Since conservatories have become more popular, more people are experience the issue of excessive heat through the upper roof glazing. In this case, solar control window films can be installed to reflect light and heat away. We use a special solar coating for industrial premises or conservatories known as Coolkote. It has the following key properties:

  • Can be used on either glass or polycarbonate.
  • Distinctive and high quality metallised PVC coating.
  • Less costly and more effective compared to blinds.
  • UV barrier to prevent sun damage and furniture fading.
  • Enhances your comfort by reducing glare.
  • Fast and clean installation with as little disruption as possible along with no maintenance required.
  • Five-year warranty.

If you notice your conservator getting uncomfortable due to excessive heat in the summer period, then our wide range of effective solar control window films will be of great benefit. By deflecting large amounts of UV rays from entering the conservatory, it is a lot simpler and cheaper to maintain comfortable temperatures all through the year. Have successfully treated many conservatories in our extensive experience, we are certain that we can deliver quality results.